Christmas Letter

As a supporter of The Carter Center, I recently received a letter from President and Mrs. Carter.  Here is what they had to say:

To our donor friends,

Rosalynn and I are honored and humbled by the generosity of you and our other Carter Center donors. Because of your generosity, there are millions of people whose suffering has been alleviated, whose rights have been protected, and whose lives have improved.

At this moment our country is suffering an economic upheaval and, as usual, the poor and those with a small or no voice, will suffer the most. Because of your past generosity and our prudent financial management The Carter Center can absorb a short term donation downturn.  However, many of the charities and groups in your community may not be as blessed.

Rosalynn and I understand if you need to direct your usual Carter Center gift to other needs at this year end.  We are proud to have donors who care about their neighbors – whether next door or across an ocean, but we did want to be sure you had the latest information on what you’ve helped us accomplish during the past year and what we’ll continue to do in coming months.

We’ll be writing you again to let you know how that work is going and hope we will still be able to count on your continued involvement and generosity.  Until then, we wish the best for you and your family during the upcoming holiday season.

Your friends,

Rosalynn and Jimmy Carter

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