Performance Class

Making use of the fact that we now (again) have two (acoustic) pianos, plus my idea that pieces don’t have to be perfect before they can be shared, we had a performance class last Thursday for the 9 – 15-yr olds, sharing a few concertos (under construction) in addition to solo literature.

The idea was to share what students were working on, to listen to others, get to know literature, as well as find out how well we truly know a piece we think we know (adding performance pressure can be rather enlightening …).

Here are a few photos  – Thank You, Mark, for taking them  :)

2009-10-22 performance class Chopin Etude Op. 10 No. 12

2009-10-22 performance class Bach Concerto in D

(Thank you, Mark, again, for opening and closing the lids, depending on who played what on which instrument!)

2009-10-22 performance class Bach Concerto in D

I completely underestimated how long it would take to perform plus talk a bit, so the scheduled 45-minute class lasted more like 70 minutes.  Not good.  Too much,  too long, overwhelming.  Less really would have been more – especially for the 9-yr old who had his lesson right after the performance class …

Next time I’ll know better, will try to choose pieces more carefully, instead of asking everyone to play everything.