From John Maxwell

Sent: Friday, July 16, 2010 12:23 PM
Subject: Piano Lesson

 My children are coming for holiday at your location,and at the same
time i will be happy if you can help them with Piano Lesoon you pref
 My children first language is English, best hobby is reading & study,
they are enthusiastic,very patient and very good children.As a
beginners,they are interested to learning the basics and i hope you
can accept them as your student?.
 I will like you to assure me that you are going to take proper care
of teaching them as I’m ready to pay all their necessary expenses for
the lessons. I will want the tutor to hold for 3 Month which consist
of two hours a day, two times in a week for both of them if possible.I
have someone that will always drive them to your teaching location for
the lessons. I will like to know your total cost of
tutoring for 3 Month.I want you to get back to me with above details.
 Please let me hear from you as soon as you receive this mail, so that
we’ll make an arrangement on when to begin lessons and payment is by
US cashier’s check.
 Regards and hope to hear from you soon.
Note:Please do reply to my private email address

I just love that little personal touch at the end, with his “private email address” . . .