Piano Concerto Competition 2010

With the exception of the year 2009, the Manhattan Area Music Teachers Association’s Piano Concerto Competition takes place every year in late January or in February.  I have been chairperson of this event before, and am now again for 2010.

The Piano Concerto Competition is a very important event in my studio calendar, probably the most important.  For months, my students and I prepare for the competition.  At the moment, one of my students is already preparing for next year’s competition.  I often thought that in order for me to miss the concerto competition, someone would have to die.

This year’s competition took place yesterday, February 13, 2010.

One week ago yesterday, my mother died.  Although her health had been deteriorating, her death was unexpected.  Mark and I flew from the States to Germany, arriving Tuesday morning.  Yesterday, we had her Memorial Service.

I am blessed with wonderful students and colleagues.  For instance, I was able to send a brief email to a student, requesting to reschedule a lesson because my mind was with my mother but not piano, and all I heard back was, “No problem.  Have a safe trip.”

My colleagues pulled together and were able to take over the organization of the event, as well as find accompanists for my nine students, organize their rehearsal, and get them through the competition.

I will remain in Germany for another week, getting started on the closing of my mother’s apartment as well as continuing to take care of the many other obligations which arise after the death of one’s mother.