Post-surgery update

Ten days ago, two weeks after my gallbladder surgery, we saw the surgeon for the follow-up. To my surprise (which shows how little I know about surgery …), they had sent my gallbladder to the lab. The lab result showed chronic gallbladder inflammation. Like Mark said after the follow-up, it’s not usually a good sign when a physician uses the word “chronic” in a sentence, but in this case it was excellent news: since November 8, all blood tests and gallbladder-related tests had been infuriatingly normal or almost normal (borderline) – except for “sludge” in the gallbladder. We therefore had mixed feelings about the necessity and benefit of surgery. So, to hear that my gallbladder had been chronically inflamed was sad yet beautiful confirmation that surgery was indeed the right thing to do.

I have fewer and fewer instances / bouts of nausea. And I have noticed a sudden and dramatic increase in creative energy – like it’s been pent up for several weeks, three months, and now bursting forth. Teaching is again pure joy. My students and parents notice a different energy about me. Being able to eat more, and more different foods is joy. Living is joy.

Once again, life is good.